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unlock your agent potential

Empower your agents with the right tools and watch your contact centre metrics skyrocket.

98% of our customers stay with us

"Just six months later and we're smashing all of our objectives"

John Devlin, Ascensos
CEO & Co-Founder
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Our big idea

empower agents and amazing things happen

MOJO-CX© by TMAC transforms the contact centre experience for customers and agents alike.

By analysing conversations across all your channels, both digital and voice, MOJO-CX© empowers your advisors to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Better yet, with insight into 100% of demand and people’s performance, your company leaders get real-life insight into what form your strategy should take next.

the proof is in the results we've delivered

avg. uplift in net promoter score
increase in employee engagement
avg. increase in customer lifetime value

before MOJO-CX©

Find mistakes only when (and if) a customer complains

Multiple compliance faults and lost revenue in fines

High staff turnover and cumbersome coaching

Unreliable random sampling of 1% - 2% of contact

Poor demand management and wasted expenditure

Missed up/cross sell opportunities and reliance on incentives

with MOJO-CX©

Pre-emptively course correct and reduce complaints

Watertight compliance and reduced chance of fines

High staff satisfaction and effective coaching

Complete QA scoring of 100% of conversations

Easily predict demand types and achieve operational efficiency

Promotions at the right time for the right customers

one platform. three modules.endless potential.

Listen to your customers with omnichannel conversation analytics

Understand how to provide the best customer and agent experience

Effortlessly analyse and score 100% of your conversations.

Quickly surface what drives demand, AHT and better CX.

Never miss a critical moment with customisable auto-alerts.

Act on their preferences in-the-moment with next best action

Guide every conversation to the best outcome

Proactive prompts ensure agents sell at the right time, every time.

Utilise behavioural nudges that guide agents and relieve decision fatigue.

Build conversation flows easily through a point and click no-code interface.

Learn how to build a world-class contact centre team

Spend less time preparing for coaching sessions and more time coaching

Make management a breeze with more insight into your workforce.

Track and measure the benefit of coaching, recognising your most effective coaches.

Schedule coaching, collect and action 360 feedback - all on one platform.

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Make your contact experience stand out with the latest tips, tricks and insight from MOJO-CX©.

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