Mojo-cx© boosts revenue

stop saying things that jeopardise revenue

Tools that help you understand your best time to sell, generate trust throughout the conversation and create a winning sales team.

Unlock the revenue potential of your contact centre

sell so well that you have to grow the team

Empower your agents and watch your revenue skyrocket.
Listen to your customers

understand the buying signals of your customers

Active listening is said to be one of the most powerful techniques a salesperson can use. Imagine using it across every single touchpoint, all of the time. With MOJO-CX©, you analyse 100%
of voice and digital conversations.

Understand what your customers want, and how to sell to them.

Understand the anatomy of your perfect sales call

Analyse language throughout the start, middle and close of the call for customer and agent.

Enrich your understanding of the customer

Measure reactions to each step of your sales process and understand where buyer propensity is highest.
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Act on their preferences

use the promotions and language you know converts

Guide agents through a logic tree of possible conversation paths, reducing decision fatigue and mandating compliance statements where needed.

All this, whilst recommending the right product, service or offer in the right moment for the right customers.


increase in efficiency

Average reduction in AHT measured across clients 6 months after platform enrolment.


increase in average sale value

Average uplift in sale value across clients 6 months after platform enrolment.
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Learn how to create a team of perfectionists

build a team of sales superstars

See how agents perform versus targets, and what areas need attention within a matter of seconds.

Reduce admin, boost morale and spend more time proactively managing and coaching your teams before poor habits form.

Motivate the right behaviour with a rewards system

Leader boards and kudos encourage sales, with minimum admin for contact centre leaders.

Alleviate administrative burden with instant quintile analysis

Take the guesswork out of who needs to be coached and what on, with instant recommendations.
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