Coaching and performance management

less time preparing to coach, more time with your team

Turn your agents into star performers and make managers' lives easier.

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learn where to focus coaching efforts with all these features

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See employee ENGAGEMENT skyrocket

When your agents can see where they sit within their team they can take ownership of their performance and strive to do better.

Agents love it and your contact centre will too.

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managers spend over 80% of their time preparing for coaching sessions

MOJO-CX© frees up managers administrative burden with smart recommendations underpinned by data science. Your leaders can spend less time interpreting data, and more time engaging with
their teams.

Deliver 5x as many coaching sessions each week.

“I have so much more time to coach my agents, the difference is night and day”

empower your agents with the information they need to shine

With quick access to self-performance data, agents easily see how they're performing within their peer group and how it impacts their teams and the business.

Create a culture of continuous improvement and watch your KPIs climb.

“Seeing how I’ve performed over the week and what to focus on next gives me more confidence going forwards”

say hello to proactive management

It takes as little as 18 days for a bad behaviour to become an ingrained habit, and once it’s formed it becomes much more difficult to fix.

By comparing metrics to trends and peer performance, contact centre leaders get a clear view of behaviour that needs to be course corrected before it becomes an issue.

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some of the features managers and agents love

intelligent coaching recommendations

Receive daily coaching recommendations for every member in your organisation, highlighting what they need to be coached on and why.

Surface those who need the most support.

agent report cards

Each agent has a matched report card so you can see how they’re performing week-on-week and track how impactful coaching sessions have been.

Watch not just how your agents improve, but your coaches too.

set and track against targets

Align your efforts against business goals with easily adjustable targets that cascade across the platform.

Agents benefit from seeing how they're contributing to the team.

log, set reminders and action 360 feedback

Set up coaching sessions, receive feedback and send out reminders and kudos direct to inbox, all from within one platform.

All the information you need in one place.

the entire team's performance in one simple view

Visualise performance within a single page that has everything you need. View performance by quintile, person, KPIs and more - it's up to you.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.