Mojo-cx© helps compliance

reduce risk at every turn and course-correct faster
than ever

Tools that help monitor compliance, alert you when things go wrong, and understand the gaps in your agent knowledge.

Reduce expensive fines and risk of litigation

settle for nothing but bulletproof compliance

Multi-sided technology that keep you in control.
Listen to your customers

monitor, score and assess compliance and quality

Traditionally, contact centres have relied on random sampling , limiting quality scoring to just 5% of demand - making it impossible to secure your compliance. MOJO-CX© changes that with automatic scoring across all of your channels, every time.

Assessing your compliance has never been easier.

Understand the most common risk areas in your scripts

Analyse language across 100% of your conversations and understand which demand types are putting you at risk.

Actively listen for custom keywords and phrases

Automatically analyse thousands of signals and set up auto-alerts to flag risk to the most appropriate person. Correct issues before they ever escalate.
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Act on their preferences

make "i forgot" a thing of the past

Typically, over 62% of compliance issues are caused by human error. With MOJO-CX©, your agents are carefully guided through every conversation - improving conversation flow without compromising on compliance statements.

Sometimes simplicity just works.


reduction in complaints in 6 months

Average reduction in complaints measured across clients 6 months after platform enrolment.


increase in regulatory statement compliance

Average measured across 2 test clients just 6 weeks after platform enrolment.
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Learn how to create a team of perfectionists

deploy training faster and more effectively

Recognise which areas your agents fall short on, and where you should be spending more time. With everyone up to speed and being coached more effectively, compliance issues are in the past.

Increase speed-to-competency and keep your coaches' skills in check.

Track improvements in one easy to digest platform

Take the guesswork out of who needs to be coached and what on with instant recommendations.

Motivate the right behaviour with a rewards system

Leader boards and kudos encourage better CX, with minimum admin for contact centre leaders.
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