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understand what every customer says, wants and needs

What would instant analysis of 100% of your demand mean to you?

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Make your contact centre futureproof

Understand your contact centre top-to-bottom. Capture data and generate insight across all your channels, both digital and voice.

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in 2020 businesses were fined over £100 million due to poor treatment of vulnerable customers

Make sure you are never one of them by ensuring your compliance is watertight with customisable voice analysis triggers.

Over 53% of UK consumers show at least one characteristic of vulnerablity, so we’ve made it easier to spot them and notify the best person in your organisation.

"We used to think compliance came at the cost of good customer experience"

start smashing your contact centre KPIs

A massive 91% of customers reported poorer CX from contact centres in the second half of 2021.

Focus on the things that drive uplift faster and understand what agents need to say to drive more positive outcomes for customers.

“We had no idea just how good our sales opening could be”

quality assuring 100% of your conversations used to be impossible. Not anymore

Gone are the days of unreliable random sampling. Say "hello" to insight for every single call, email, webchat and social exchange.

✔ Ring-fence demand types using custom rules
✔ Apply weighting to different metrics, unique to you
✔ Alert the appropriate person when things don't go to plan

“It's the first time we've ever had 100% visibility of our agents' interactions”

some of the features managers and agents love

auto-alerts, straight to your inbox

Set custom rules that allow you to immediately alert the appropriate person for every critical moment, based on any data points within the platform. Even the ones that you provide.

It works like magic.

lightning fast search and filters

Search through thousands of conversations with the easy-to-use Quick Search and Filters, customised to your organisation.

All at the click of a button.

QA scorecards

Easily keep track of how well every conversation has gone based on the metrics that matter to you, giving you a clear view of agent performance across each interaction.

Scoring 100% of calls has never been easier.

group demand types & see how they change over time

Categorise demand types using custom parameters and see what changes over time.

Leaving you to focus on what matters most.

relationship analyser

Easily scrutinise complex relationships between categories, language and final outcomes faster than ever.

That hunch you've got about the impact of a recent process? It's no longer just a hunch.