Our big idea

empower agents and amazing things happen.

MOJO-CX© by TMAC transforms the contact centre experience for customers and agents alike.

By analysing conversations across all your channels, both digital and voice, MOJO-CX© empowers your advisors to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Better yet, with insight into 100% of demand and people’s performance, your company leaders get real-life insight into what form your strategy should take next.

it's been quite the journey getting here

TMAC launched MOJO-CX©, our best product yet, in 2022 but we've been working hard to improve the way that contact centres work since it's inception in 2018.

Today we can say we've worked with some of the best - Ascensos, HSBC and FiServe just to name a few - to help them put their agents in the driving seat. The results? Increased revenue, better CX and reduced operational waste. All while agent satisfaction skyrockets.


a look back on how far we've come

March 2018
Sean Northam & Jimmy Hosang set up The Modular Analytics Company

TMAC focuses on providing consultancy work for contact centres and brands to improve the CX, drive cost efficiencies and grow revenue.

Spotting a gap in the market, TMAC pivots into software development

After great success in contact centre consultancy, we set out to take our work to the next level.

The headcount expands by 90%

With demand continuing to increase, we grow the team by 90% in Q1.

February 2021
TMAC secures £400,000 in funding for further expansion

Our first funding round is complete with Instinctive BI recognising TMAC's potential to go even further.

March 2021
TMAC expands into North America

Nicholas McFadden joins us to take the lead in an expansion to the US and Canada.

May 2021
TMAC releases Speech Analytics platform, Fonetik

The pivot from consultancy to SaaS becomes official with the release of our Conversation & Speech Analytics software, Fonetik (now known as Listen).

June 2021
The expansion continues, this time into Turkey

Heading further into Europe, we open our Turkish branch and welcome new employees.

November 2021
TMAC secures £1.5 million for additional product development

Another successful funding round is complete with investment from Foresight Midlands Engine Investment Fund and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

November 2022
We complete purchase of our first permanent UK office

At our home in Ancoats, Manchester.

November 2022
MOJO-CX© by TMAC launches

We roll out our latest product updates, informed by our customers!