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50% the cost and 2x the speed-to-deliver vs building a team internally

Save time recruiting, training and embedding a data team with Data Services from MOJO-CX©.

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why data services by us?

We are the trusted authority on contact centre and customer service analytics. We help design  data strategies that drive rapid value  and sustainable growth, deliver data readiness, data quality, data management and business measurement; and build AI solutions to automate your actions.

By drawing on our deep industry knowledge, we help you  discover, build and drive value from your data assets to help you make better decisions, faster.
Services to suit any budget

build a team as big
(or small) as you need


We provide point solutions to plug the gaps in your internal capabilities:

Data Strategists, Project Managers, Data Architects, Data Engineers, BI Developers,  Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Governance Leads  
Plug directly into your existing team
Guaranteed expertise
Platform agnostic

accelerator pods

We embed a data team to tackle your biggest business problems.

Right resource available at the right time; Deep domain expertise to minimise risk; Data project lead to drive continuity; Rapid speed to insights  
Zero time wasted
2X as fast as building in-house
½ cost of building in-house
Full capability coverage
Zero recruitment fees
Faster speed-to-compentency
Complete project managent expertise
IP ownership after just 2 years
Only spend on people when you need them

resource is regularly wasted when building internal data teams. not anymore.

To circumvent this our pod resources are carefully phased with the bulk of the strategist work taking place in the first 90 days. Data engineering activity typically complete in the first 6-12 months and BI Developers, Analysts and Data Scientists take it from there.

All resources easily scale in-line with skillset needed at each stage.
Cheaper than building in-house

less than 50% the cost of building internally. yes, really.

Typically, not all roles are needed all of the time for data projects. That unused capacity adds up to wasted spend.

We make expert resources available when needed and pass on the efficiency of scale to you, our customer. Better yet, as we've already found the brightest minds - you'll avoid painful recruiters (and their fees).
See results faster

2x faster speed-to-deliver. so you can spend more time realising benefits.

With zero time-to-recruit, no staggering of roles or lengthy onboarding processes, MOJO-CX© Data Services gets you to data-led decision-making 2X faster than possible when building an internal team.

All this, delivered through an experienced team with deep sector knowledge.
Delivery milestones for a typical in-house team
Delivery milestones for a MOJO-CX© accelerator pod
An onboarding process you'll actually enjoy

the accelerator experience

We undertake discovery workshops to deeply understand your business strategy and provide an audit of data opportunities and risks.

From there, we design tailored data strategies targeting defensive, optimisation and growth initiatives. We design and build scalable data platforms to make your data accessible.

Finally, we build out bespoke measurement frameworks to underpin your business objectives, provide decision support for your decision makers and design and build AI solutions to automate your actions. So you can start making better decisions, faster.
Business Measurement
Data Intelligence
Automated Decision-Making (AI)
Data Readiness
Data-Driven Decisions
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