Mojo-cx© improves customer experience

make customers remember you for the right reasons

Put CX at the core of your business when you understand your customers better, personalise their journey, and reduce speed-to-competency for agents.

turn your contact experience into a unique selling point

86% of customers buy more after a good experience

Equip agents with the tools to keep your customers coming back.
Listen to your customers

identify demand types and behaviours that drive poor outcomes

Analyse 100% of demand across all channels providing a holistic view of your customer experience. Quickly identify friction points in the customer journey.

Understand the relationship between language and outcome to identify what's impacting metrics like CSAT and NPS .

Identify at-risk customers based on complex language

Quickly course correct on vulnerable customers, mis-sold products or compliance issues with automated alerts.

Easily automate your QA scoring

Forget random sampling with 100% QA scoring across all channels and contact types.
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Act on their preferences

have fewer 'computer says no' conversations

Empower your agents with some of the snazziest software out there - our Act module.

A simple agent interface guides each conversation naturally through a complex string of possibilities, displaying compliance statements and available promotional offers only when the time is right and criteria matches.

CRM data at a glance

MOJO-CX© pulls in data from your CRM and displays it to the agent to prevent choppy conversations and switching programs.

Machine learning

Promotions and offers continuously update as the platform learns from previous customer conversations.
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Learn how to nurture a great team

get your agents up to speed faster than ever

It's vital to get new agents on track quickly so they can hit the ground running and give customers the best experience possible - but it's not always been an easy task.

With top-to-bottom KPI tracking, quintile analysis and 360 coaching feedback, those days are over.


More face time

Average decrease in administrative prep across clients within just one month after platform enrolment.


faster speed-to-competency

Our average client reports a speed-to-competency reduction of 102%.
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