Mojo-cx© for agents

put agents in the driving seat of your contact centre

MOJO-CX© is built to make the job of an agent more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable.

Recruit, retain and count on top talent

redefine the job of the agent and watch what happens

Watch revenue climb, customer experience increase and satisfaction skyrocket.
Listen to your customers

understand and evaluate every single conversation

Every agent's safety net. Our always-on conversation analytics listens out for trigger words and missed compliance statements - alerting the appropriate person to rectify.

Better still, each conversation is given a simple QA score - so you can understand where to improve.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Analyse language data throughout the start, middle and end of conversations to see what's gone right, and what's gone wrong.

Reveal QA scores for 100% of conversations

Forget random sampling. Quickly and automatically quality score 100% of your conversations, whatever the channel.
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Act on their preferences

empower agents to act based on emotional intelligence

No software is better than your agents at reading the emotional state of the customer.

MOJO-CX© empowers agents by crunching data in the background, to present promotions only when criteria matches. Meanwhile the agent can see a clear view of key CRM data at a glance.


increase in efficiency

Average reduction in AHT measured across clients 6 months after platform enrolment.


increase in satisfaction

Average uplift in agent satisfaction ratings across a client study, 8 months after platform enrolment.
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Learn how to become even better

supercharge agents with actionable data

Agents can quickly see their performance compared against peers and overall targets, as well as historical analysis of their own improvement.

Meanwhile kudos awards keep spirits high for agents and encourage recognition from managers and leaders.

Easy-to-understand data visualisation

Our leading UI is built to ensure agents can understand and interpret data with minimal training required.

Managers motivate behaviour with a reward system

Leader boards and kudos encourage agents best performance, with minimal admin burden for leaders.
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