Mojo-cx© made for ops

eliminate the guesswork from operational planning

Predict, plan and organise capacity better than ever with tools that help you Listen, Act and Learn.

Make operational excellence a walk in the park

keep costs under control without limiting your capabilities

Make operational efficiency the competitive advantage of your contact centre.
Listen to your customers

monitor, group and predict demand types

Analyse 100% of demand across all channels providing a holistic view of your customer contact. Complex language rules make it easy to categorise demand types by driver and context.

Easily analyse the relationships between language and outcomes and understand what areas of your business are driving up AHT, complaints and low sentiment.

Plot demand types over time and seasonality

Forget random sampling with 100% QA scoring across all channels and contact types.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Analyse language data throughout the conversation to see what's gone right, and what's gone wrong.
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Act on their preferences

empower agents to work more efficiently

A simple agent interface guides each conversation naturally through a complex string of possibilities, displaying compliance statements and available promotional offers only when the time is right and criteria matches.

The result? More efficient conversations. The manager view gives a simple overview of flow performance and process implementation.

CRM data at a glance

MOJO-CX© pulls in data from your CRM and displays it to the agent so they don't need to spend time searching for information.

Reduce wasted time with better script adherance

Complex logic trees are automatically navigated throughout the conversation with simple prompts displayed for agents.
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Learn how to nurture a great team

get your agents up to speed faster than ever

The biggest challenge contact centres used to face was onboarding new agents. Today, hybrid working makes this even more tough for most.

With top-to-bottom KPI tracking, quintile analysis and 360 coaching feedback, those days are over.


More face time

Average decrease in administrative prep across clients within just one month after platform enrolment.


faster speed-to-competency

Our average client reports a speed-to-competency reduction of 102%.
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