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  • Speaker diarisation
  • Intelligent redaction
  • Topic recognition
  • Entity recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Transcript summarisation

Intelligent speaker diarisation and sentiment analysis

We automatically identify multiple speakers on one call to identify both the agent and the customer.

Advanced diarisation automatically splits audio into homogenous milestones to provide a longitudinal read of sentiment and how it changes  over the duration of the call.

Industry-leading entity and topic identification

Thanks to hundreds of thousands of trained audio hours, over 15 learned languages and 95% UK dialect coverage - the algorithm has a wide and deep understanding of topics.

We can identify, tag and group conversation by topic and entity/noun mentioned at speed.

Sensitive info recognition and redaction

Using sophisticated pattern matching, we identify, redact and reformat numerical and sensitive information instantly.

The result? Complete peace of mind and fewer privacy concerns.

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