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John Devlin, Ascensos
CEO & Co-Founder

"The ability to move quickly, the ability to move in different directions, that's hugely important at Ascensos and I think MOJO-CX© has that in their DNA.

Ascensos is a very entrepreneurial-led business and we see MOJO-CX© as being very likeminded in that space... the sense of positivity, a 'can do' attitude, and the ability to move at pace.

We had some very clear objectives as to what the Proof of Concept would deliver and six months in I'm delighted to say we're hitting all of those objectives."

Chris Sweeney, Wickes
Head of Customer Insights

"We have been really impressed with the way the  team have engaged, right from initial proof of  concept through to our now ongoing relationship.

The team generated early insights across all our contact channels, highlighting some fundamentals that had been missed  in regular quality audits. The team's sector knowledge certainly helped the pace of landing these learnings.

The team have been agile and truly committed to delivering great insight, both onging and in support of our step change workshops.  The Listen module data  are now operating as a core feeds into our agent dashboards, enabling continuous improvement."

Roseann Miller, Texas Contact Centre

"MOJO-CX© provides immediate access to everyone’s performance, for both agents, managers and leaders, so it's become a pivotal cruch to our global coaching strategy.

Supervisors make the magic happen and that magic happens in coaching and developing people.  MOJO-CX© helps Supervisors and QA identify top performers as well as areas for improvement, using real, relevant and up to the minute data.

MOJO-CX© even affords the opportunity to identifying gaps and opportunities in our own onboarding, so we can revise training content."

Richard Beaven, Unlike Group
Managing Director

"I'm a huge fan of MOJO-CX©, particularly for Insurance because we're such a regulated business.

We need to make sure we're always doing the right thing for customers, particularly vulnerable customers"

George Todd, Intersect HP

"The incredible technology you guys have at MOJO-CX© is being used to make people better, rather than replace them...

That's the cool thing about it!"

Martin Anderson, Lemon Contact Centre

"I'm really keen on the use of technology. It's a fabulous, beautiful thing. And what you're doing at MOJO-CX© is absolutely unreal!"

Eóin McCoy, Emerald Contact Centre
Global Head of Learning & Development

"A single source of truth is transformative, because now MOJO-CX© has afforded us visibility and accountability.

We're able to identify the work behaviours behind those numbers and focus resources around the behaviours that people are exhibiting to hit beat targets.

MOJO-CX© affords us the ability to sit down and design a formula that we know works. Not based on metrics from Google or purchased from a third party, but designed in-house around real people and behaviours that are actually being used.

Having a system like this allows us to hold people to a different level that otherwise we wouldn't have been able to."

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