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Case Study

Identifying £700k Worth of Opportunities for a Leading B2B Utility Firm Using Speech Analytics


How MOJO-CX© accelerated operational process and performance improvement in a UK leading B2B multi-utilities firm

Our client came to us with a problem that is unfortunately common within their market – poor CX scores (CSAT and NPS) mixed with rising operational costs that resulted in rising pressure on management to do something about it before their issues spun out of control.

Following the COVID pandemic the UK B2B utilities industry is harder to navigate than ever, with fewer customers and a higher cost for energy itself, it has become vital for such businesses to retain their current customers whilst discovering new areas to reduce spending.

MOJO-CX©’s work

MOJO-CX© were engaged to identify and size areas of opportunity, establishing priority transformation and change activity through targeted agent coaching and process improvements.

Thanks to our innovative conversation and speech analytics software there was no need for random sampling - we transcribed and analysed over 44,000 calls made to the customer service team in our client’s organisation. In doing so MOJO-CX© created over 50 contact type topics for both agents and customers to help understand core friction points that lead to poor sentiment and identify areas of improvement.

This allowed us to highlight opportunities to eliminate repeated calls and improve CX through process redesign, target failure demand and the potential causes of it, and identify key coaching opportunities and which agents were well-deserving of some praise thanks to their excellent performance despite the difficult place the market finds itself in.

The results

Repeat calls

  • 45% of first contacts were either transferred or repeated within the month, resulting in a very high proportion of hand offs and failure demand. This impacted operating costs, CX and customer churn.
  • We identified call journeys by destination where repeat rate is highest, due to process failures in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and agent training.

Agent variation

  • There was significant variation in sentiment between team members, often negatively correlating with AHT, pointing to more opportunities for improved coaching and correlating longer AHT with training failure.
  • There was a rate of roughly 15% of FTE costs lost to variability, highlighting priority teams to target.
  • We identified which call types were a priority for standardisation, coaching, and process improvement by understanding which demand types had lower sentiment, and which were most important predictors of churn or unwanted buying behaviour.


  • Analysis highlighted Renewals and Claims teams as having the worst negative customer sentiment, again showing the importance of standardised agent training and continuous coaching.
  • We identified opportunities to improve ways of working through call handling and enhanced agent scripting and helped the client build a focused plan for improvement that targeted higher priority problem areas first.

Above is just a small sample of all our findings - through our suite of products TMAC offered an enormous 29x ROI in highlighted areas for improvement and enhanced processes. Not only this, but the improved coaching capabilities offered by TMAC continues to improve CX, reducing customer churn.

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