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AI Would Agree: Learning the Trade with Eóin McCoy


How to make coaching and training thrive and create a transformative experience, even for agents working from home

Eóin McCoy is the Global Head of L&D for Emerald Contact Centre, one of the early adopters of MOJO-CX©’s Coaching & Performance Management module, ‘Learn’, and one of the most passionate leaders on coaching that we’ve come across.

In this episode of AI Would Agree, hosted by MOJO-CX©’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Paul Banks, early in the conversation Paul and Eóin discuss what brought Eóin into the contact centre world, and what drove him to have such a passion for the people in his organisation.

Eóin discusses some of the changes that have been necessary to ensure both coaching and training are able to thrive given the move to hybrid/remote working in their business, and how agent and coach feedback makes a big part of the roadmap going forwards.

He then goes on to talk about how many businesses bring in technology ‘for the sake of it’ and it often becomes obsolete as a result – creating a big loss for the business both in time and money. Something we’re please to hear hasn’t been the case with the coaching software Emerald Contact Centre uses from MOJO-CX©.

Catch up on the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: Learning the Trade with Eóin McCoy’ here:

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