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MOJO-CX©: Unlock Agent Potential with Our New Contact Centre Software


Announcing our brand-new platform that will help contact centres perfect CX and boost agent performance, MOJO-CX©

November 22nd 2022 – It’s an exciting day for The Modular Analytics Company as we officially unveil our new software and rebrand, MOJO-CX© by The Modular Analytics Company.

We recognise that contact centres are at their best (and see the greatest ROI) when agents feel empowered to perform to the best they can – this means the right tools and software, the best coaching and training, and the motivation needed to excel.

Time and time again our customers have asked for just that. Today’s announcement reflects our move towards one integrated platform that combines our three existing products (Listen, Act and Learn) into one unique place that empowers agents to create an amazing customer experience. Data captured across every touchpoint means your contact centre will be smarter than ever.

The team at The Modular Analytics Company have been working tirelessly to make MOJO-CX© a reality.


68% of contact centre leaders cite lacklustre performance as their biggest challenge, and hybrid working has revealed even greater fiction in traditional technology – making onboarding and training tough, driving down morale and turning compliance into Mission Impossible.

As the MOJO-CX© team is full to the brim with employees who have worked in contact centres themselves, we understand the huge significance of empowering agents with the tools in-the-moment, post-contact knowledge suggestions, and coaching on the areas that they need.

The MOJO-CX© platform is here to transform your contact centre by analysing customer-facing interactions across any channel and give advisors and leaders key information so they know exactly what works, and what doesn’t. Say goodbye to sloppy analysis in excel.

The result? Faster speed-to-competency (2x to be precise), 31% lower AHT (Average Handle Time) and customer lifetime value that flourishes (our typical customer sees a 41% increase).

A word from our CEO and Head of Product

Jimmy Hosang, CEO & Co-Founder of MOJO-CX©, had this to say on the rebrand, “When we first launched The Modular Analytics Company, the idea was to have a no-nonsense company that delivered contact centre analytics of value and we wanted to reflect that in our brand. We called ourselves The Modular Analytics Company as it told the story of flexibility and building analytical programmes from the ground up - and for a long time, the name did exactly what it says on the tin.

But as we moved from Consulting towards a SaaS that organically feeds off customer feedback, it became harder to reconcile who we were as a brand.

I’m over the moon to announce that our new platform will be called MOJO-CX© by The Modular Analytics Company. With this software we want everyone to unlock their agent potential (find their MOJO), deliver incredible CX, and transform their contact centre.

This new identity helps us achieve that.”

We also spoke with Elinor Thomas, MOJO-CX©’s Head of Product, about just how far our software has come over the past few years and why MOJO-CX© was the logical next step, “TMAC has always been defined by what our customers want which is why as a Product team we rely so heavily on customer feedback and any insight into usage and trends we can get our hands on. Since 2020 though, we’ve grown enormously and so have our ambitions.

We’ve always known there was a gap in the market for one integrated data platform that harmonises contact centre insight in one place for leaders, without negating the agents who are on the front line.

It’s been attempted before but often required long set-up times, complicated integrations, and compromised on user-friendliness – MOJO-CX© changes that by leaning into our core strengths as an organisation.”.

In summary…

After months of painstaking work, we’re thrilled to present our brand-new software, and the roll-out to our current customers has already begun.

The team here at MOJO-CX© continue to work hard to create a fantastic experience for contact centre agents, leaders, and customers alike.

In the meantime, take a moment to explore our brand-new website and find out more about the MOJO-CX© platform - plus make sure to keep an eye on our Insights Hub for future product updates and more exciting news to come.

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