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MOJO-CX© x Comm100: CX Covered From All Angles


Announcing our new partnership with Comm100: CX Covered from all angles

Customers expect more from their service experience than ever before. All this, whilst customers increasingly use multiple touchpoints to complete a complex journey before any purchase and throughout service.

MOJO-CX© and Comm100 combine forces to provide full visibility across all channels like never before.

"We're thrilled to be entering a partnership with Comm100" says Jimmy Hosang, MOJO-CX©'s CEO and Co-Founder, "Making 'every conversation valuable' is in our DNA and the partnership with Comm100 is a direct fit that enhances our omnichannel capabilities for our existing and prospective client base."

The collective proposition drives the ability to shape and optimise contact centres approach to delivering the right channel offering to customers, at the right time. This is done by utilising the data to continually shape and evolve each customer journey to meet ever changing needs and demands.

"Between the two companies we've already seen some excellent opportunities to make significant leaps in CX for our clients and we can't wait to see what else the partnership brings to the table going forwards."

  • Today, over 60% of customers use digital touchpoints.
  • 71% of customers still prefer to call when they encounter a problem.
  • Which raises the question: how do you identify your most distressed customers and red carpet them to a solution?

With 79% of consumers willing to switch providers due to a poor customer experience alone, getting things wrong is no longer an option for businesses.

How MOJO-CX© and Comm100 drives continuous value through analytics of real customer data

With this exciting partnership, MOJO-CX© has integrated conversation and speech analytics software with Comm100, an omnichannel customer service platform for organisations of all sizes, offering configurable, value-driven live chat, secure messaging, AI powered bots and automation within one integrated console.

By conducting full top-to-bottom analytics of your demand types, drivers of sentiment and friction points, we can better help clients set up faster and more efficiently, creating an always-on approach to data feedback.

So that you can:

  • Drive lower operational cost
  • Deliver better experiences as measured by NPS
  • Enhance your CX across your digital and voice channels

See the value in action:

To find out more about what this means for your business, and to get the most out of your CX, reach out to us at sales@tmac.ai or to learn more about Comm100 head over to their website.

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