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Maximising ROI with Custerian: Our Transformation Partnership


MOJO-CX© and Custerian join forces to help customers identify and drive change faster than ever

MOJO-CX© is happy to announce our partnership with Custerian, leaders in business transformation, to level up the speed at which our customers achieve ROI.

All too often our customers identify opportunities worth as much as 12x ROI with our leading contact centre tools, but then struggle to embed changes into their organisation and put the customer first to drive immediate meaningful change.

Introducing Custerian, who have a unique real world practitioner approach developed from years running directorates. They have driven change in a broad range of service sectors using a mix of service design and people experience (CX) tools to take unproductive cost out, whilst driving customer & colleague experience in.

Custerian excel at creating and using a common purpose to engage colleagues in change to drive pace and reduce risk, leaving you more change capable as a result.

They leverage the activities that create revenue and engage colleagues in the behaviours and activities that are aligned to the brand values that deliver greatest commercial return.

With broad cross sector experience and previous work across both B2B and B2C, they’re uniquely matched to help our clients deliver value faster than ever.

Previously Custerian have helped big names:

  • Undertake full target/operating model changes
  • Significantly improve service/operational OpEx
  • Drive collaborative, cross-function change
  • Develop/deliver new service models and ways of working across in-house and BPO

Jimmy Hosang, CEO & Founder of MOJO-CX© says “Our partnership with Custerian is an example of us listening to our customers problems, and going out to find them the best solution.”

“This means that we can work together in tangent with expert transformation leaders so our clients can begin to realise the massive ROI our solutions identify even faster.”

Nicola Collister, CEO & Founder of Custerian says “This for us is a meeting of minds. Our retail background has given us a strong understanding of the role data can play if used intelligently to support and enable colleagues.”

“As importantly, we have been with Jimmy & Sean since the start and know this partnership has the mix of skills and capabilities to help our Clients get to better outcomes, faster with less risk, creating more competitive advantage.”

Find out more:

Interested in what this could mean for your business? Chat to one of the team by reaching out to us at sales@tmac.ai or learn more about Custerian by heading to their website, or email approach@custerian.com.

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