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MOJO-CX© Charity of the Year: Speech and Language UK


Why we’ve chosen children’s communication charity, Speech and Language UK, and what you can do to help

In the UK alone roughly 1.5million children struggle to speak and understand what people are saying to them, with children in deprived areas being the most at risk. This leads to further, and sometimes more serious, issues later in life – such as reduced employment opportunities and social isolation.

Without the proper resources difficulties speaking and understanding is not something that children simply grow out of. Speech and Language UK provides vital information and assistance that can help such children reach their full potential despite these difficulties.

Why MOJO-CX© are partnering with Speech and Language UK

With creating better conversations being a key focus in what we do here at MOJO-CX©, there is great synergy with a charity that has improving communication at their core.

Ailsa Featherstone-Clark, Business Manager at MOJO-CX©, said “We are so excited to be supporting Speech and Language UK as MOJO-CX©’s first ever Charity of the Year. Everything we do revolves around improving conversations and a big part of that is identifying and protecting vulnerable customers, who often have difficulties talking and understanding.”

“The work that Speech and Language UK does means less children who struggle to speak and understand language will go on to become vulnerable adults in the future, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as our chosen charity.”

Jane Harris, Chief Executive at Speech and Language UK said “We're delighted to be teaming up with MOJO-CX©. Throughout the UK, children’s education has been severely disrupted by Covid and we are now beginning to see the true impact this has had on their ability to speak and understand words.  

Our new partnership with MOJO-CX© means that together we can be a catalyst for change and help improve the mental health, education and futures of thousands of children and young people throughout the UK.”  

What can you do to help?

Over the course of the coming year MOJO-CX© plan to host and participate in a variety of activities to help raise money for Speech and Language UK and their crucial work. This will include internal fundraising as well as events that people external to the company can donate to, such as sponsored marathons and virtual challenges.

However, if you’re keen to make a difference straight away you can find Speech and Language UK's donation page by following this link where you can make a one-off donation or set up a recurring amount.

Further resources

If you want to find out more about Speech and Language UK, or you’re a parent of a child that has speaking and understanding language difficulties, follow this link for Speech and Language UK’s website, where you’ll find vital resources for parents and professionals alike.

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