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AI Would Agree: “A Rose by Any Other Name…” with Iain Banks


How leaders leave lasting impressions: dos and don’ts in leadership

In this episode of MOJO-CX©’s live series, AI Would Agree, Senior Solutions Consultant Paul Banks is joined by CEO of Ventrica, Iain Banks.

Iain begins by discussing his wealth of experience on both sides of the desk, both in BPO, and Vendor side operations, and how that has afforded him the ability to focus on People, Process and Technology in a very simplistic view.

He shares with Paul that he has been very fortunate to have experienced both amazing leaders who helped mould his career and outlook, as well as those leaders who exhibited the behaviours he chose to avoid!

The CEO of CX Specialists, Ventrica, then goes on to talk about how he sees data as being the future for the contact centre world, but only in technology that’s embedded with agents and team members, not ‘technology for technologies’ sake’.

Lastly, Iain leaves us with three things he wishes he’d learned earlier – about compromise, the team around you, and the ability to be self-aware.

Catch up on the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: 'A Rose by Any Other Name…' here:

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