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AI Would Agree: ‘Help! I Need Somebody!’ with Sarah Adderley


Sarah Adderley, Director of personal safety app ‘help me Angela’, sheds light on handling CX in contact centres that deal with high rates of vulnerable customers

Sarah Adderley (Assoc CIPD) joined the contact centre world officially after spending almost 14 years serving as a Police Officer in Lancashire Police. She has truly found her sense of purpose working at help me Angela, a personal safety app that works to prevent people from becoming victims of crime.

In Sarah’s chat with Paul Banks, MOJO-CX©’s Senior Solutions Consultant, we’re highlighting her journey and showcasing the skill set she has acquired that allows her to be effective in training new team members who must display decisiveness, critical thinking, empathy, and more.

Sarah discusses how the contact centre that was acquired to handle help me Angela queries was built from the outside in with the customers’ needs dictating the experience, which is more vital than ever when handling vulnerable customers.

Catch up on the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: ‘Help! I Need Somebody!’ with Sarah Adderley’ below:

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