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AI Would Agree: Sustainable Mental Health with Craig Fearn


Wellbeing Ambassador & Sustainability Expert, Craig Fearn, shares some top strategies on how businesses can better support their teams

Craig Fearn has been campaigning for wellbeing long before it became trendy, and on this episode of AI Would Agree he bravely shares vulnerable moments in his personal mental health journey that led him to be a Wellbeing Ambassador.

In his chat with Paul Banks, MOJO-CX©’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Craig sheds light on the misconception that those who are perceived as ‘successful’ are not in fact bulletproof, but human and suffer from their own mental health problems.

Additionally, Craig gives some insight on why wellbeing initiatives on their own are not enough to help organisations and argues the case for all organisations to have a more thought-out wellbeing strategy.

You can see the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: "A Peace of My Mind" with Craig Fearn’ below:

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