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AI Would Agree: “Can You Keep Up with OUR Jones!?” with Glynn Jones


From golf courses to contact centres, our Head of Customer Success shares his thoughts on the future for coaching, scripting and more

In the first of our special edition series of AI Would Agree, featuring fellow colleagues that can offer insight into the contact centre world, we introduce you to Glynn Jones, Head of Customer Success here at MOJO-CX©.  

Glynn begins by telling us about his unlikely journey spanning continents and industries – taking us from golf course construction to adventures in Australia. He shares why he found the offer to join MOJO-CX© irresistible, with our joint passion around helping clients to put people first and to enable them with the right information, at the right time.

Paul and Glynn go on to discuss views on Scripting, Next Best Action, and the future for targeted performance coaching in the contact centre and BPO sector.

Glynn leaves us with some fantastic insight on how to decide whether processes should be ‘self-serve’ or digitised in customer service – something that we’re sure will resonate strongly with our audience.

Catch up on the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: “Can You Keep Up with OUR Jones!?” with Glynn Jones” here:

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