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AI Would Agree: Planning for Success with Chris Rainsforth


The true value of development and coaching, and the true consequences of getting it wrong

In this week’s in AI Would Agree, MOJO-CX© Senior Solutions Consultant, Paul Banks, was joined by Chris Rainsforth - Director of the go-to place for innovation in customer operations, The Forum, and a trusted ‘Contact Centre Evangelist’.

The chat began with a topic we know all too well these days, the results of Covid-19 on organisations. However, Chris brings a unique perspective as The Forum was ahead of it’s time, with the majority of employees working remotely pre-Covid. The real difference for them were changes in how The Forum’s clients were now operating, and how the business had to adjust as a result.

Chris goes on to explain a common mistake when it comes to development for contact centre agents, with many businesses starting on the right track by planning development time and recognising the importance of it.  However, as demand grows development is often the first thing to be removed – coaching time, training time, it for some reason becomes a lower priority when it’s arguably more important than ever.

“You're just devaluing it… At that point, you are telling that person their development is not important.” – Chris Rainsforth

Lastly, Chris talks about how businesses have adapted to hybrid and remote working in the contact centre world.  His observations are passionate and based around the idea that ultimately, an organisation must choose the sort of environment they want (and need) to offer.  Whether that’s fully office based, flexible or inflexible, or fully remote.

Catch up on the full episode of ‘AI Would Agree: Planning for Success with Chris Rainsforth’ here:

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